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We Only Sell and Install Sydney’s Highest Quality Timber Flooring 

There’s nothing more spectacular than a timber floating floor. It’s a classic, breathtaking look in any home, which is why they’re consistently among our most popular flooring choices.

We have a large range of trusted suppliers so you have a broad range to choose from when shopping with us. There are many different types of timbers available, and most are available in your choice of 1, 2 or 3 strip patterns. This refers to the number of timber boards per piece of flooring. So you can choose to have wide boards for a grand effect, or choose narrower boards for a striking, modern look. 

3 strip gives a parquetry effect, 2 strip looks like a traditional 80mm strip floor and 1 strip is a wide plank floor. Timber is a natural product, and as such no two boards are ever the same, maintaining a rich visual variety. Some timbers, such as Spotted Gum, have shades of yellow, green, pink and brown for a colourful look. Other timbers have less variation, so it all comes down to personal preference and what suits your decor.  

Get the inside word from our helpful industry veterans on the North Shore 

We can advise you of what you can expect from your floor so you make an informed decision. You can be sure in choosing a timber floating floor that you will soon have a unique masterpiece in your home or business. Some timber floating floors can also be customised to suit your Hornsby or Castle Hill property, imitating other floor finishes such as cork, and you can even have dowers for that solid timber look.  

No glue means our floating floors are mess and hassle free 

Our timber floating floors are made of a layer of 4mm of your selected timber on top, followed by 10mm hevea hardwood. They can be clicked together or can be glued.

The majority of Timber Floating Floors are not glued. This is because it is an unnecessary cost, but also because it is easier to repair a floor that is not glued together. 

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