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It’s something that every person to have experienced it can agree on; there is simply no surface like cork flooring, when it is done right. Soft and delicately patterned, it sits lightly underfoot as the most comfortable and quiet of wooden floors.

Historically, the downfall of cork flooring has been how laborious it is to install, and the need to glue down sections which can later prove impossible to remove cleanly. But with recent advancements in the development cork flooring and the expertise of the Floating Floors Direct installation team, it is now possible to buy a cork floor which captures all of the advantages of traditional floating floors as well as those of the material itself. There doesn’t have to be a drawback when you shop with us!

No more mess or fuss with our preferred Readycork flooring options

This turnaround in the prospects of cork flooring is largely thanks to our trusted supplier and partner, Premium Floors. In the cork business since 1981, they are the first and only cork flooring supplier around the North Shore who has proved capable of satisfying our demands for quality. Their Readycork product consists of prefinished 10.5mm cork sections, which fit together to form the floor without requiring any glue thanks to the Uniclic locking system. Installed just like a floating floor, this makes the individual sections easy to replace or remove and eliminates the chance for dangerous glue fumes. We are proud to work with and install Readycork products for our customers.

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The experts here at Floating Floors Direct are happy to recommend cork flooring to our customers, and do so every day. Available, like our bamboo floating floors, in a variety of colours and styles to suit any home, much of it is on display in our shop for your perusal.

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