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Strandwoven bamboo is the hardest floating floor option available. It is strong, durable, cost effective and gives a striking effect. Because of these prominent advantages Floating Floors Direct love to work with Bamboo flooring, and have had many occasions to establish our significant skill in its installation. We are happy to install your bamboo floating floor ourselves or leave it up to you – if you insist on the latter, we will even sell you the necessary supplies and accessories.

Bamboo Flooring

Don’t take chances with inferior product, buy from us, a trusted supplier

Buyers beware… there are many cheap and imitation bamboo flooring products out there on the market. This isn’t just a matter of simple quality, like poorly-installed cork flooring, cheap bamboo floating floors can sometimes release emissions that may be harmful to you and your family.
In the interests of serving our customers and our own ethics, we only source bamboo from trusted suppliers. Make sure you purchase your bamboo safely by buying through our expert team – our trusted suppliers have been with us for years, and won’t let you down.

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Bamboo a truly sustainable flooring material

One of the most significant advantages of bamboo over more traditional wood used for furnishing like pine, is its amazing eco-friendly status. Bamboo poles grow incredibly quickly – up to 15 metres in 3 months – with plantations producing up to 5 times the mass produced by a traditional material in the same time.

Poles are only harvested past a certain age, ensuring the continuation of that bamboo forest. While not a perfect solution, bamboo is a definite influence on the development of sustainable farming practice. Support it today, by having it support you.


Bamboo has a lot of different looks see some of our pictures or find your own and Bill can advise which product will suit the style you are looking for call into our showroom, call (02) 9476 2915, or email so we can assist you further.


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